White Carriages

We have 11 different models/styles of white carriages for clients to choose from.

Some are glass convertible (can be used open or closed), some have fixed glass roofs, then there are the ever popular fairytale Cinderella pumpkin carriages or there are the more traditional hooded Landau carriages. Whatever your style we have the ideal option for you.

White Classic Glass Coach – Ref C1

White Convertible Twin Hooded Landau – Ref C3

White Convertible Glass Landau (Canoe) – Ref C5

White Convertible All Glass Landau (Canoe) – Ref C6

White Bow Sided Glass Coach – Ref C7

White Convertible Vis a Vis – Ref C9

White Lattice Top Glass Coach – Ref C10

White Twin Hooded Landau – Ref C11

Cream Convertible Glass Fronted Landau – Ref C13

White Cinderella Fairytale Pumpkin – Ref C15

White Glass Fronted Landau – Ref C23