Group & Bespoke Carriages

And now for something different! We have 10 different styles of carriages in this category.

Original horse drawn Mail Coaches, Wagonettes seating from 6 to 10 people (popular for Proms, family days out and as Bridesmaids transport), Open Drays, London Trolleys, Roof seat Brakes (always popular for Race days) and even an original 20th century horse drawn Double Decker Bus!

Victorian Omnibus – Ref C2

Mail Coach – Ref C8

Convertible Black Wagonette – Ref C17

Charabanc – Ref C18

Convertible Burgundy & Black Wagonette – Ref C21

Presentation Carriage – Ref C25

Roof Seat Brake – Ref C28

London Trolley – Ref C30

Double Decker Bus – Ref C34

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